You can be mended even when your relationship isn’t flawless...

Ever wonder why mothers and daughters have such a difficult relationship and how to even talk the same language?

Mended gives you conversation starters to speak life into your relationship with your mother or daughter. Discover powerful words that usher in healing for wounded hearts and rebuild, restore, and reconcile your connection. Set new patterns for your relationship and family line going forward.

Through Scripture, prayer and practical applications, you can...

  • find common ground and put your relationship ahead of your differences
  • learn what you can say when you don’t know what to say
  • grow closer when you do hard things together
  • resist trying to control or change each other
  • share your heart but not shove it on the other

If you have a rocky history with your mother or daughter, you don’t have to continue those patterns of brokenness. God wants to mend your heart and make you whole. Sometimes we don’t get the mending we want when we’d like it. But you want to get to a place where you can say, “My heart is mended even if my relationship isn’t yet, and I am okay regardless. My peace is not dependent on the other person.”

When you put God above the magnitude of the hard in your lives, you will not be unthreaded. The hard may get harder, but you are mended to God. Your heart toward your mother or daughter should not be pulled apart but made tighter.


"If you have ever thought, 'I wish I knew how to really talk to my mom, to my daughter,' this book will be a gift. So often we allow years to pass, stuck in misunderstanding and brokenness simply because we don't know what to do or what to say. Mended will give you a place to begin."

Sheila Walsh, author of It's Okay Not To Be Okay

Meet the Authors

Blythe Daniel is a literary agent and marketer with 20 plus years' experience in publishing. She is a speaker at writer's conferences and is interviewed for podcasts and webinars. She has written for Christian Retailing, CCM Magazine, and Focus on the Family publications, and directed marketing for Thomas Nelson Publishers. Her passion is helping authors share their unique stories. The daughter of Dr. Helen McIntosh, she lives in Colorado with her husband and three children. Connect with Blythe on Facebook and Twitter.

Dr. Helen McIntosh (EdD, Counseling Psychology) is a counselor, speaker, educator, and has authored books on self-image and conflict resolution: Messages To Myself and Eric, Jose & The Peace Rug®. Her work has appeared in several national outlets including Guideposts, ParentLife, and HomeLife magazines. She resides in Dalton, Georgia with her husband Jim. They have two children, including Blythe McIntosh Daniel, and are grandparents five times over. Connect with Helen on Facebook and Twitter.




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You want to get to the place where you can say, "My heart is mended even if my relationship isn't yet."

There isn't room for codependence in a relationship where two individuals are dependent on God, not each other, to fill them up.

The key is knowing and resting in the fact that God created her and God can hold her up - you don't have to.

Forgiveness isn't just an act we walk through; it's a way of life we choose. Forgiveness acts as a seal over your family.

Mending your heart with your mother or daughter is the result of the time you press into loving her, not for who she is but who she is becoming.

The goal of our exchanges is restoration, not being right or wrong.

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